About Me

Hello and welcome! I'm a dedicated iOS and iPad developer with a versatile skill set that spans UIKit, SwiftUI, Firebase, Xcode, Instruments, and more. My proficiency in Swift is backed by a strong foundation in app architecture, including MVVM and MVC patterns. With a Mechanical Engineering degree and a Master's, I embarked on a transformative journey into software engineering.

My expertise extends to VIPER, MVVM, and MVC architecture, ensuring scalable and modular app development. I excel in debugging, testing, and deploying apps, driven by my commitment to staying current with industry trends. Whether it's adaptive layouts or leveraging iPad-specific features, I'm all about crafting impeccable user experiences..

As a contributor to the iOS community, I actively moderate discussions and craft informative articles. My passion for open-source projects fuels my desire to shape the iOS landscape. Count on me, as a freelancer, to bring innovation and drive success to your team.


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  • Gourmet

    UP School Capstone Project

    • VIPER Architecture Design
    • MainTabBarViewController
    • Setting HomeViewController TableView
    • Setting home TableViewCell
    • Getting JSON data from API
    • Using Extensions
    • Using Kingfisher
  • Netflix Clone

    • MainTabBarViewController
    • Setting HomeViewController TableView
    • Setting home TableViewCell,CollectionView
    • Sending URL Requests and Parsing JSON response
    • Using Extensions
    • Refactoring Models
  • Calculator

    iOS Calculator Clone