About me

Join me on an engaging journey from Mechanical Engineering to the diverse world of iOS Engineering, independent development, and beyond!

I am an iOS Engineer with some features that may sound crazy to some. Let's go back a bit! My academic background is in Mechanical Engineering, which I even fortified with a master's degree. My university years were not only filled with academics but also with extracurricular activities. I founded an engineering club and actively participated in AIESEC. Spending time with international students and creating countless activities with my engineering student friends were some of the great experiences of my life. It was wonderful to develop and teach each other together. During those years, my passions extended to Wing Chun and singing, and I laid the foundation for a multidisciplinary approach to life and work even as a student.

After university, I gained about six years of experience in Mechanical Engineering, and in recent years, I ventured into entrepreneurship to develop a hybrid turbine model. I also set up my own R&D center. The decision to change fields may seem unexpected to many. The journey of self-discovery and rebirth is long and personal. I believe that not being afraid of this journey and loving the experiences gained along the way are part of the adventure. I believe in the idea that we are born twice: once when we come into the world and again when we discover our true purpose. My second birth was just as transformative. Along with coding, I was reborn a second time in my personal life; this time, I gave birth to myself!

In the software field, UPSchool played a crucial role in this rebirth, not only offering iOS development training but also enhancing fundamental skills. Moving forward with the principle of Teaching by Learning, I became one of the numerous flourishing women at UPSchool. And years later, as a mentor at UPSchool, I had the opportunity to empower female software developers by promoting collective growth and transformative mentorship. This experience reinforced my belief in the power of sharing knowledge and uplifting each other. It's great to move forward with hundreds of wonderful women!

My journey underwent a significant transformation at a training camp at Kodeco, largely due to the effective teachings of Eric at Kodeco, which became a turning point in my career. It was an enlightening experience! Audrey and Kate also significantly contributed to my life. You can discover them from here!

When surrounded by the right people, exploring one's capabilities becomes an extraordinary journey.

In the software field, I gained experience working with experienced teams in e-commerce, finance, and entertainment sectors. Besides, my own applications and projects fueled my passion for learning, constantly moving me several steps forward.

During my travels in Asia's vibrant technology scene last summer, this awareness was further strengthened. When I visited Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and South Korea, I was particularly impressed by Japan's unique blend of engineering cafes and startup culture, which provided deep insights into the dynamics of technological innovation. Japan has become an endlessly inspiring destination for me.

Currently, at Startbase, I work as an iOS Engineer developing groundbreaking mobile applications in the fields of e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and delivery; using both UIKit and SwiftUI. Each project is a new adventure! I love being involved in different system designs and creating great work with the team, which is my greatest passion!

But there's more! My current focus on independent development combines my love for software development with entrepreneurship. I firmly believe in the philosophy of "building in public," actively sharing my journey, receiving invaluable support from Kommunity, and connecting with a network of like-minded creators.

The essence of my independent development journey is the proof of creativity meeting autonomy. It's not just about coding; it's about storytelling through applications, bringing visions to life, and engaging directly with users. Ensuring every line of code not only solves a problem but also tells a story compels me to be both an architect and a builder. Here, in the independent development environment, I fully embrace the joy of creating, learning, and community engagement; transforming each project not just into a software application but into a milestone on a greater journey of innovation and discovery.

I love this job; coding, sharing knowledge, awakening new passions in people, and growing together in this continuously evolving technology environment.